Tana Chocolate

TANA is a handmade artisan chocolate brand who believes that the chocolate is our source of happiness, which has a separate place and story for each of us, from childhood to adulthood. It takes its name from the Laz word Tana meaning "to shine".

In order to strengthen this meaning, logo type has created with asterisk symbols in the center of  A letters, while the wordmark of the logo is in the Didone style. This style conveys the elegance and know-how of chocolate art.

The chosen color palette is energizing and contrasted. The dark blue embodies the starry sky of a warm summer night and the bright, energizing orange symbolizes the flavors of chocolate. The embossing adds a richness of texture and a subtle vintage touch. The hot press foiling recalls the glitter of stars and jewelry. The embossing conjures up the evanescence of dreams. Finally, a satin ribbon closes the box and wraps the chocolates like a precious gift.