Majd Al Aamal Co.

Located in Riyadh, BELLEZZA gives you access to a range of surgical & non-surgical procedures. Core focus is to enhance your beauty utilizing the most natural, minimally invasive results, and painless techniques; to customize your entire treatment to your specific needs and, to make your life-changing experience at BELLEZZA positive, relaxing, and truly exciting one.

Typeface logo of BELLEZZA is inspired by Italian Latin language which means “beauty”. Geometric logo represents a “B” letter which is the first letter of brand name and turns that “B” letter to a shape of a half of butterfly wing with an aesthetic curve and also looks like a heart symbol.

Selected typeface has modern look with soft lines. It gives to the company classy and rich overview. Brand identity has also a pattern created with mosaic dots feels like an ocean with its breezing, cool and fresh color palette.