Legends Of Loqma

Loqma is a legendary taste with deep roots from early 9th century and literally great grand father of donut! According to the legend, loqmasare fried in enormous boilers and soaked in syrup to serve passersby as a ritual. Legend says that when you eat loqma, you will be releasing someone elses’ wishes. Because of this, we thank you for making our wishes come true soon! Loqma is dedicated to the concept of enjoying a legendary deathless chruncy taste.

Interior design concept is inspired by the sophisticated and modest lines of new age. Unrefined use of materials and simplicity of design dedicated to freedom-loving people who appreciate practicality, creativity and minimalism.

The logo shape is formed by combining stamp-like circles of different sizes in the form of triangles. The color palette is inspired by the orange-yellow hues that loqma takes by frying and sherbeting.

Time passes. Things change. But legendary tastes are never forgotten, they live forever through their art and through their myth. Needless to say, we fully respect and appreciate that monumental taste comes from history. Now it is time to meet you with the beginning of everything.