Lokanta Mimi

LOKANTA MIMI offers home-cooked meals, desserts and hearty breakfast options that are prepared with tradition & passion. There delicious options for vegans, but there are also options for meat lovers! Cuisine is based on bakery, fermented products and flavors from the fertile lands of Turkey. Every day experiment with fresh and local ingredients from the market.

In this pleasant interior design, we embellished the rustic ambiance of firebrick walls with classic oak chairs and wooden tables with elegant lines, marble surfaces and clear glass wall lights. This charming atmosphere reinforced with the presence of a friendly and unhurried service.

Everything here is handmade, from scratch, with great love and enthusiasm!

Name of the brand comes from the neighbourhood, word of lokanta means traditional local restaurant. Logotype derives from the first letter of brandname, to give a localized sense of space by surrounding it with a rectangle.